We aim to provide rigorous medical monitoring for the patients who are entrusted to us in a way that is sensitive to patients’ concerns and comfort. We provide services in the patient's home or in dedicated units, depending on the deepness of treatment, the patient's condition and agreements with organizations upon which they depend.

Home care nursing services

We take care of patients at home. To fully address the concerns and the needs of patients and their families we make visits to patients once a week to several times a day based on their dependency level. We deliver services with emphasis on the human aspect of patient care to ensure a high quality assistance and a personal relationship with patients.

Our services include the following:

  • Nursing care
  • Implementation and coordination of treatment and services at home
  • Private duty and personal care services(bathing, meal preparation
  • Companion Services(social visiting , help with grocery shopping, Homemaking services,
  • Audit of the patient's home and control of necessary homecare medical equipments
  • Audit dependent patients supported by their families and issue a report to the financing institution.
  • Palliative care

Pediatric intensive care:

The intensive care unit of a hospital is not applicable for children with respiratory assistance. Moreover, the environment is not suitable to their age. The primary mission of intensive care therapy is in crisis and it is perfectly fitted for this purpose. Our outpatient care is designed in a way that can fully meet the specific psychoemotional, social and other needs of a child who needs respiratory assistance. Despite this high degree of dependence, our respiratory home care provides children with a relatively high quality of life, which, according to the state of child health can be defined as "normal." Despite the constraints arising from respiratory failure, we not only take care of children, but we also help them go to preschool or kindergarten. In this case, our staff accompany the children and care for them there in the class via sitting beside them and integration in the classroom and working with teachers and educators in a positive way.

Group outing are organized additionally; shopping, birthday and other activities are part of our program - with or without parents. As a significant part of our care approach we try to enable "our" children and adolescents patients to participate in their daily activities.

Adult intensive care :

For some seriously ill patients intensive care treatment in hospital is the best and only form of treatment, however; in a number of instances, when the patients need long term intensive care taking care of patients in ICU of hospital is so costly. Considering this context we have integrated our approach for intensive home care. We arrange patient transfer from hospital to home in a flexible and non-bureaucratic way. Moreover, we carry out the organization of care equipment, medical devices, drugs and other therapeutic services, such as speech therapy and physiotherapy as part of our approach, as well as the organization of involved administrative.

Through a holistic approach to care, our skilled clinicians and therapists, jointly with medical specialists and patients’ relatives, implement a treatment plan and individual care adjusted to each patient. Due to this professional cooperation we make it possible to transfer from the hospital to home.

Our services include:

  • Intensive long-term care performed at home or in dedicated structures for patients in chronic vegetative state
  • Services: infusion, dialysis, parenteral and enteral nutrition, cardiac monitoring, ventilation

Care homes/ Structure dedicated to long term care:

We have specialized in the care of individuals under artificial respiration. With regard to the provision of health care, it is crucial for us to help patients live without artificial respiration equipment. Moreover, our objective is to enable the patient to feel "at home". Considering the fact that these patients stay in our care home for this end part of life, our care homes are very colorful, the rooms are decorated and furnished based upon the desire and personality of each patient. Our team consists of multi-professional specialists, fully qualified nurses, physiotherapists, home helps and domestic cleaners, students and trainees. This team is headed by several team leaders, responsible for the matters in the organization, eg planning rosters, vacation planning etc.