Our missions


Our mission at LAVOREL MEDICARE is to provide the highest quality of patient care outside the hospital. This support, depending on conditions and agreements with the relevant associations, may take place at home or in specialized structures. The aim is to offer an alternative solution to hospitalization and to provide patients with a high-level of care and comfort in accordance with their physical and psychological conditions.

Beyond the technical and organizational skills and value (nursing, room facilities dependent patients and medical equipment) that enable us to carry out functions and achieve our objectives over time, it is also the human and psychological aspects that LAVOREL MEDICARE is keen to promote through its services.

Indeed, the living conditions approach for care and lives of patients corresponds LAVOREL MEDICARE desire of engaging in a more comprehensive approach to patients’ management.

More information: www.bonitas-holding.de


For more than 25 years, Apotecnia is the French specialist of sterile and non sterile single use devices for clinics and public hospitals. As a close partner and distributor of world-class manufacturers, and thanks to our experienced sales and marketing team of 15+ people, we are helping them reach the whole national market.

Our broad product range is focused on high value added products, specially for perfusion and infusion, which improves the safety of both patients and medical staff. It also includes continence care, oxygen therapy, medical and surgical gloves, scalpels, enteral administration, other operating room devices and non woven clothing.

More information: www.apotecnia.com